Ladies Jewellery from EDBLAD

The range of jewellery from EDBLAD is just beautiful. Quite often when someone is given a piece of this jewellery from our shop then they will make a point of visiting us to buy another piece from the extensive range. You can mix & match many of the pieces.

The pieces are a bit more delicate in either the silver colour or the ever more popular rose gold colour which are just perfect for a special gift.

We have an extensive range of Edblad jewellery and we rotate the stock regularly so please visit our store for current items.

edblad silver earings

Edblad Ladies Jewellery – Silver earings

edblad heart bracelet

Edblad Ladies jewellery – Heart bracelet

edblad silver necklace

Edblad ladies jewellery – Silver necklace

edblad silver necklace

Edblad Ladies Jewellery – Silver necklace

edblad silver ring

Edblad Ladies Jewellery – Silver ring

edblad silver ring

Edblad Ladies Jewellery – Silver ring

edblad monaco rose gold earings

Edblad Monaco large rose gold earrings

Monaco earrings large steel

Edblad Monaco large steel earrings

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